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Boost your income by becoming part of our growing international Affiliate Team and earn lucrative monthly commissions!

What is an Affiliate Partner program? | Who for? | Benefits | What can I promote? | How do I get paid? | Frequently Asked Questions | Affiliate Partner Benefit Recap


What is an Affiliate Partner program?
Numerous companies are currently leveraging the benefits of affiliate programs to boost their sales. The beauty of an affiliate program is that not only are there benefits for the company, but also the Affiliate Partner, as they receive a commission on each of the products and services they sell. A win-win outcome for both the company and the Affiliate Partner.



Who is the Affiliate Partner program perfect for?

We are always looking out for affiliate partners who are:

- Recruitment Agents

- Personnel Agencies

- Resume Writers & Consultants

- Education & Training Institutions

- Job Network Service Providers

- Vocational & Rehabilitation Services

- Career Counsellors

- Career Development Companies

- Career Consultants & Coaches

- Job Boards

- Career Related Web Sites

- Interview Consultants & Coaches

- Image Consultants

- Life Coaches

- Health & Wellness companies

- Motivational Speakers

Don’t see your category up there but think there is a budding Alliance Partnership relationship there? Please feel free to contact us!


  Benefits of becoming an Advanced Employment Concepts’ Affiliate Partner

The potential the stream of income you can generate in marketing and selling our products, services and programs is limitless.
Here is a brief overview of the benefits you can access right now by becoming one of our Affiliate Partners:

No initial monetary outlay and no costly overheads.


Set up your Affiliate Partner account in less than 45 seconds and have the promotional material up and running to begin making your affiliate sales commissions.



Strengthen your client relationships by being able to offer valuable products and services to support them in their careers.



Enhance your range of products, services and programs and your clients’ perception as they see your organisation offering valuable resources across multiple areas.



Elevate your organisations profile, credibility and value as your clients begin to view you as a ‘go- to’ resource through offering an even greater range of products.



Generate ongoing referrals and affiliate commissions, as by supporting your clients in achieving success they will want to reciprocate and share their success stories with their friends, colleagues and contacts.



Eliminate time and effort in having to develop products/services. We have spent hundreds of hours in putting together our products, so that you don’t have to!



Earn up to 20% commission on every sale that is referred by you.



Enhance your credibility with your client base by being able to offer our innovative products, services and programs.



Unlimited earning potential.



Prompt and dependable monthly affiliate commission payments.



Immediate and accurate sales tracking and reporting.



Highly secure personalised Affiliate Partner marketing centre with access to up-to-the-minute click-through/sales tracking/reports; and banners and promotional material.



Private Affiliate Partner Hub with tools and resources to support you in maximising your Affiliate Partner marketing strategies and other important news.



Reduce your marketing expenses by using our dynamic banners and promotional materials - standing by for access and implementation. Select your product/program choices and have your commission-generating affiliate marketing campaigns up and running in minutes to begin   magnetising customers and earning commissions!


As an Advanced Employment Concepts’ Affiliate Partner what can I promote?
You can select any or all of the products currently in offered in our Affiliate Partner Product Range including:

15-week intensive group coaching program: Pursuing your Passion – Purposeful Careers – 15 steps to clarifying, designing and living your life’s calling!


7-week individual coaching program: Pursuing your Passion – Purposeful Careers – 15 steps to clarifying, designing and living your life’s calling!


Powerful Resume: 6 crucial writing strategies to Secure that Interview! e-course


10 key steps to Ace that Interview! book


Resume Development Services


Career Communiqué Live call recordings


We will be adding to our range of products/services and will inform you as soon as these are accessible. Note: You can promote any or all of our products



How do I get paid?

Affiliate Partner sales commission payments are made monthly and are paid directly to you. You are required to generate $50 commission for your first payment, however after that initial requirement, all commission amounts will be paid monthly.
Australian Affiliate Partners have the following payment options: 

  - Cheque  
  - Direct Bank Transfer  
  - Paypal  

Internationally-based Affiliate Partners have the following payment option: 

  - Paypal 

Setting up a Paypal account is a simple process. If you do not have a Paypal account, go to to find out more.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to undergo any pre-qualification process to ensure eligibility to become an Affiliate Partner?

While we do not formerly screen our potential Affiliate Partners during the initial sign up stage, we do ensure that our Affiliate Partners’ sites do not contain adult, unethical or disreputable content and/or materials.

If after review of the Affiliate Partner’s site discloses that the site contains adult, unethical and/or disreputable content and/or materials, the affiliation relationship will be terminated immediately, with codes and access to accounts deleted from the Affiliate Partner marketing centre and Affiliate Partner hub.

Caution: It is imperative however that all our Affiliate Partners adhere and comply to spam laws and that each and every contact/person on your mailing list has authorised you to mail and/or contact them. We do not tolerate spamming and therefore insist that our Affiliate Partners do not infringe spamming laws.



Is there a minimum amount of sales I have to generate?

No, there is no minimum amount of sales. However, we love writing out Affiliate Partner sales commission cheques so the more you sell – the more affiliate commission cheques we write. A true win-win outcome!



How can I maximise my Affiliate Partner commission payments?

To boost the success of our affiliate partnership (and of course your monthly affiliate commission payments) it would be an advantage if our products and service complemented the service/product offerings that your company provides to your clients and site visitors.

Upon seeing the benefits of our products and programs your clients and site visitors are more likely to click through your Affiliate Partner link to our web site, and subsequently make a purchase.

We provide banners and promotional materials for all our Affiliate Partners to begin using immediately, which are accessible from our Affiliate Marketing Centre. As an Affiliate Partner all you need to do is select your product/program choices and the accompanying banners and links, and have your commission-generating affiliate marketing campaigns up and running in minutes to begin magnetising customers and earning commissions!



How does the Affiliate Partner tracking software work?

Each time one of your clients or site visitors click on your affiliate link, your personal affiliate code is identified by the system, which continues to track the ISP. Once your client or site visitor purchases one of our Affiliate Partner Products, you earn commission on that sale, whether the sale was made that day, later that week, or even later that month/year.



How do I sign up as an Affiliate Partner?

Go to: Affiliate Partner and complete the Affiliate Sign Up Form. This should not take you any longer than 1 minute to fill out and submit. Once you have completed the form, go to your inbox to read your welcome letter and receive your unique URL which is to be placed on your website.



What if I need additional support?

If you experience difficulty or confusion during any stages of setting up your Affiliate Partner account, accessing the Affiliate Centre, or locating/installing product banners and information, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated Affiliate Manager – Meena at



What happens after I sign up?

1. Sign up as an Affiliate Partner at Affiliate Partner

2. Go to your inbox to receive a reply email from us. Click
    on the link in the email to enter the Affiliate Marketing

3. Enter your user name and password as detailed in the

4. Select which products/services you would like to
    promote and begin generating your affiliate commission

5. Select the appropriate promotional multimedia you wish
    to use to promote your chosen Affiliate Partner

6. Copy and paste the html code into your webpage.

7. Upload, test, and you’re set to go.


Not yet convinced why should you become part of our Purposeful Careers Affiliate Team?

Here’s another snapshot of our Affiliate Partner program.

As an affiliate partner you will play a big part toward the success of our program and in appreciation of your support we offer a 20% commission for each referred potential client that purchases participation in one of our coaching programs or purchases our products and services as outlined in our Affiliate Partner Product Range.

Once you sign up you'll get your own personal username and password to login to our Affiliate Partner Marketing Centre as well as a username and passed to access the private Affiliate Partner Hub.

Our Affiliate Partner program is backed by the best attention-getting, ready-made banners, email, articles, multi-media, and articles all designed to drive traffic and increase your sales. All promotion materials are easy to grab and use through our Affiliate Marketing Centre.

Find out how well our programs are working for you -- how much money you're making -- through the many reports available in our Affiliate Partner Marketing Centre.

There is no cost to join our Affiliate Partner program and we pay you your commissions by the 15th of every month like clockwork. (For your first month, a $50 minimum in earnings is required before your monthly payout. After that, no minimums are required.)


Contact Details:

Advanced Employment Concepts

PO Box 91, Hallam Victoria 3803 Australia
Ph: 03 9708 6930 [Within Victoria]
Ph: 1300 13 75 76 [Australiawide]
Ph: +613 9708 6930 [International]